Devon Training Team's Code Of Ethics 

Hypnosis is very powerful and valuable method of changing another person’s perception, understanding, and fundamental mental processes. It can be used to alter the subject's reality. Because of the potential for abuse of such an influential technique the first step in learning to become a hypnotist is to adopt a personal code of ethics. Not only will this code provide guidelines for you as a hypnotist, it will also required of our students to agree to abide by this code or they cannot learn hypnosis through our training.

  • Uphold the dignity of the client at all times.
  • A member shall maintain only professional contact between hypnotherapist and client, during the training course.
  • Hypnotherapists should strive to improve their knowledge and skill to benefit their clients.
  • Members will maintain the standards of their profession and will keep up-to-date with relevant material in hypnosis field. 
  • Members will only work within their realm of training and knowledge acquired through quality hypnosis certification courses.
  • You must always obtain consent of the subject before attempting to hypnotize them.
  • You must become familiar with, and obey all regulations regarding the performance of hypnosis in the jurisdictions in which they practice.
  • A hypnotist will always make post hypnotic suggestions of positive well being to hypnotized subjects.
  • A hypnotist must not illegally practice medicine and must recommend that a client seek medical advice when they think it's appropriate.


Please read and acknowledge the ethics we work under as hypnosis is a powerful and valuable technique that is not to be employed without careful and thoughtful intent, and that I must complete this course using these guidelines by agreeing to this pledge. I agree with the spirit and specifics of the above Code of Ethics. I will always place the welfare of my subjects as my utmost priority.