Speed Induction Hypnosis Training Course 3

This training will truly be a great skill to have in your hypnotic tool box, How to use speed, rapid inductions other wise known as instant inductions where you can get a somnambulistic trance in a matter of 10 ,20 seconds ideal for a busy practice or just a super elite skill to have under your belt.


  • Safety considerations
  • Selecting the right subject
  • Suggestibility testing
  • Preparing the subject for instant trance
  • Hand Drop induction
  • Hand shake Induction
  • Confusion Induction
  • Butterfly Induction
  • Instant induction theory. How to invent your own induction
  • How to use instant inductions in your professional Practice

This super advanced hypnosis training course is great for the already experienced hypnotist who wants to add rapid speed trance and instant inductions to their hypnotic toolbox, but even a complete novice can get to grips and master these inductions during this intensive, hands-on seminar. The training format has been geared to include a greater variety of inductions and more real hands on practice so that you can master these inductions. After this course you will be able to used this new skill and will be able to make up your own super speed inductions and put them to use in the street or in your practice you will have full support from the Devon training team after you have done any of our training courses.


The full investment to attend Rapid Induction Course 3 programme including:

  • Initial assessment interview
  • One day training
  • Coaching support throughout via two trainers
  • Complete supporting materials including manuals
  • Post course support from our trainers to help you achieve success

All this for only £119 inc