Hypnosis Training Books & DVDs

Hypnosis training books and DVDs you can expand your knowledge now,, In the comfort of your own home,  Learn from the masters and keep up to date on techniques by reading the latest books and watching DVDs on hypnosis techniques. We have put a small collection that have been hand picked by the devon training team and watched and tested we invite you to take a look at some of our recommended dvds and books. We personaly know the writers and the producers of the DVDs and i know you can just learn naturally and easily and may even discover new techniques that you can put to good use.

Instant Induction Course - DVD

 Sean Michael Andrews the worlds fastest hypnotist brings you "Instant and Rapid Hypnosis Induction" Course! Would you like to be able to drop people into hypnosis instantly? How would you like to be able to hypnotize 85-90% of subjects?


Here is what you'll learn from the worlds fastest hypnotist.

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  • Selecting the subject
  • Preparing the subject for instant trance
  • Shortened Elman Induction
  • Instant Elman Induction
  • Hand Drop induction
  • Arm Pull induction
  • Safety considerations
  • Deepeners that REALLY work
  • Testing for depth
  • Instant induction theory. How to pick apart other people's inductions and how to invent your own inductions
  • And MUCH MORE!

Instant and Rapid Inductions Only $109.95!

The Dave Elman Induction - DVD

"This is the most powerful, adaptable and effective hypnosis induction in the world. Developed by legendary hypnotist Dave Elman, this rapid induction will produce somnambulism in less than four minutes and will hypnotize over 85% of subjects."

 It is easy to understand how Dave Elman could become a cult figure. His induction reliably produces deep trance in over 85% of subjects when used in its most basic "script" form by a novice hypnotist. Most professional hypnotists who do not use the Dave Elman induction will admit (if they are totally honest) that they are nowhere near as successful. When the parts of the Dave Elman induction are understood (as explained in the DVD) the induction becomes even more powerful so that you can hypnotize virtually anyone.


Buy Dave Elman
  • This 2-DVD set explains in-depth how to use the most effective hypnosis induction ever developed.
  • Step-by-step from the moment you meet the subject
  • Step-by-step Induction teaching
  • The most effective induction ever
  • Learn from sean who has spent hours with Dave Elmans son
  • This is a DVD you can not afford to have in your tool box


The Dave Elman Induction DVDs Only $104.95!


"Seans Amazing Inductions" - DVD

"This is very powerful, information Sean does it again! Seans step by step guide and easy to learn style keeps you up to date, You will learn hypnosis training in the Milton style yes the ambiguous touch Sean demonstrates this cool patter interrupt used by many skilled hypnotists and mentalists this is a very simple method to put someone into a trance or maybe just to get their full attention. Sean also covers hypno ambush, handshake interrupt , and of course the Russian scam. Of course i have sampled this and i will give this one a good rating and a thumb's up to Sean amazing inductions is not to be missed by anyone who want to lean about the pattern interrupt inductions.


Amazing Inductions

  • This  DVD explains the Milton Erickson ambiguous touch
  • The "handshake interrupt"
  • Ambush inductions, although not recommended
  • Step-by-step guide from Sean Andrews
  • Step-by-step Induction teaching


  Seans Amazing Inductions Only $69.95!